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We Have the Right Oilfield Equipment for Every Need in Central Alberta and Beyond

Ready for the roughest conditions and worst weather, at Hellbound Services Corp., we maintain our equipment to the highest industry standards for safety and high performance. Our drivers and equipment operators are trained and ready to serve your drilling sites. Whether Hellbound operators are delivering clean potable water or hauling out your oilfield waste, we have the right equipment for the job that won’t break down when you need it the most. Contact us for information about the right equipment for your uses. Hellbound entrusts your employees’ security and our efficiency to a wide range of oilfield equipment, including:


Vac trucks

Vac/wash units

Tri-drive vacs


Gator vacs

Water trucks

Gravel trucks

Sealed end dump trailers

Oilfield floaters

Track hoes

Winch trucks

Hydraulic equipment trailers

Require Oilfield Equipment?

From gravel trucks to track hoes, we have everything you need!

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